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Goodwin Financial- Staying True to Our Founding Principles of Honesty and Integrity for 30 Years and Counting.

Who are some of our Clients?

  • The teacher who wants a knowledgeable ally to guide them through CO PERA, supplemental plans, and the retirement process.

  • The young couple who wants to start their financial future on a solid foundation.

  • The client who wants to plan for retirement.

  • The grandparents who want to help their grandchild pay for college.

  • The business owner wanting guidance in all the financial facets which accompany operating their business.

  • The investor who wants to minimize their tax liability through smart-tax strategies.

  • The parents who want to create an estate plan that outlines care for their children.

As fiduciaries, we are legally obligated to act in your best interests and develop a portfolio for you based on your needs. Our guidance is never economically incentivized. We are transparent with our fee structure and our clients have access to all their portfolio information.

Using a fiduciary financial planner vs DIY

Sometimes it pays to Do It Yourself.  Many people choose to paint their own bedroom or spend a few weekends setting backyard pavers.  We do it ourselves because there is room for error. 

But when the stakes are high, you want to have a professional on your side.  And, frankly, the stakes can’t get much higher than ensuring you and your family’s financial security. 

At Goodwin Financial, our advisors have a close, collaborative, relationship with their clients.  They will analyze and adjust your portfolio on a regular basis to stay in line with your goals.  But they are also just a phone call away when you have questions, from clarifications on financial concepts to how current events affect your investments. And, as fiduciaries, we always make decisions that are in your best interest.

Leave the DIY projects where they belong, and call Goodwin Financial to learn about how partnering with a professional can allow you to focus on doing what you love.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring intelligence, integrity, and truly individualized value-added investment management and advice to many different styles of investors.  Our financial professionals allocate, manage, and monitor client’s assets unlike the typical advisor’s “one size fits all” management approach.  Our investment goals are to consistently achieve reasonable returns on investments over time, based on an investment policy statement and plan specifically created for the individual client.  The investment policy statement considers the lifestyle, goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, and successors of the investor.  We prefer consistent and reasonable to sporadic and extreme.  Our selection process favors recognition over discovery.

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