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For most people, planning for retirement is their most important financial goal.

Besides the monthly expenses that can be expected, the retirement years can also be unpredictable.   Will you be healthy when you are older?  Will you want to travel more or less than you currently do?  Will you need to move to a home that better accommodates your needs?  For over 30 years, Goodwin Financial has helped individuals and couples prepare for this stage of life.

When our clients are in their working years, we help them start laying the groundwork for their financial security in retirement.  We examine IRAs, Roth IRAs, self-directed IRAs, and any employer-sponsored 401k before deciding what options are best for you.  After choosing your asset allocation and discussing your risk tolerance, we optimize tax-efficient strategies for your investments so you can accumulate wealth wisely.

For our clients in their pre-retirement years, this is the time when they go all in with their preparation for retirement. We discuss taking advantage of catch-up contributions, Roth conversions, and whether additional measures or investments are needed to reach your goals.  During this time, risk tolerance normally gets adjusted, and we frame what your retirement years can look like. “The best time to start anything was yesterday. The second-best time to do it is always today.”

As our clients approach retirement, we examine their income strategy for the next 20-30 years.  We look at when they should draw social security and estimate their expected income stream in different scenarios.  Then, we strategize how to withdraw money in a way that limits their tax liability.

Once our clients retire, we monitor and adjust their investment portfolio as needed and trouble-shoot unexpected scenarios.  We’ve known many of our clients for decades and have guided them through different stages in life.  Our relationship works because we meet with them regularly to discuss their portfolio, make adjustments for any new or shifting goals, and confirm that they are on track to have the retirement they envision

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