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Travis  Whitaker

Travis Whitaker

Financial Advisor

Travis moved to Cheyenne in 1996 after his father retired from the Navy. He grew up with a love for the outdoors and spent his teen years hunting and fishing across the Great State of Wyoming with his father and it continued while he attended the University of Wyoming pursuing a Wildlife Management Degree. After college Travis worked for the Cheyenne Police Department for five years before transitioning into the financial services industry. He enjoys traveling across Wyoming and Colorado to meet with new and existing clients and learning about their situations and understanding how he can help them achieve their goals.

Teaching and educating is Travis' passion. He really enjoys taking clients through the education process and helping them understand something that can be complex and boring and making it fun and simple. He sees his role as a coach that is there to provide a clear simple plan, that if implemented and followed will put his clients on the path to financial peace and success. He tries to stress that it all boils down to doing a handful of things consistently to achieve success. Travis wants to help you figure out what those things are, building a plan that you understand and will help lead you to where you want to go.